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Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait!

If we try to rush the work of God bad things happen. We must wait on the Lord. One of the worst things we can do is get ahead of God and try to build His kingdom without waiting for God’s timing or the specific leadership and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. The modern church really has been guilty of not waiting for God. We have practised revivalism when we should be waiting and preparing for revival.

What’s It All About?

God’s focus is on building His kingdom. This this should also be the primary focus of His people; the gospel and the church are vitally important, but they are actually two means to the end of building God’s kingdom. In times of revival people are not interested in their own needs. They die to themselves and focus on the kingdom. But oddly enough, in dying to themselves and focussing on the glory of God they find that for the first time they really start to live. This is revival.

Your Soul Armed and Dangerous

  The Soul: Armed and Dangerous Ephesians 6:10-17 preached @ Hawkwood Baptist Church by Shafer Parker, Jr. August 8, 2014 Previous points in the present series 1. We lost experiential righteousness and became experienced sinners. The purpose of salvation is to restore what was lost, righteousness. But not merely imputed righteousness, also righteousness in actual…