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To introduce people to Jesus and together become fully devoted followers.

Sermons on Mark

Take Up Your Cross

Take Up Your Cross – Mark 8:34-38 Our Church wants to do a better job of making disciples. We see being Disciples of Christ, and in turn making more Disciples of Christ as our great commission, one thing that we must get right if we are to be a God honouring Church. Disciple comes from the Greek word for “pupil” or “learner”…

The Kingdom of God: All Things are Possible with God

Mark 10:17-31 We are continuing our study about the Kingdom of God, by studying yet another teaching of Jesus about the Kingdom. Inside, Outside, Upside-down Kingdom Last week we saw Jesus making an example of children, showing the value that they have in His Kingdom. But there is a question that is not answered in Jesus blessing the children. “What do we…