Phase 1 - Age 1 & 2

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A phase is a time frame in a kid's life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future!

Age 1 & 2 is the phase when...

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Nobody is on time.

Everything is a mess.

One eager toddler will insist "I can do it!"


The struggle for independence begins and so in the quest for independence, these 3 things are true:

  • They will make mistakes,
  • They will move too slowly,
  • There will be a mess;

but remember they are not only learning new skills but they are developing the confidence they need in order to move to the next phase.

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They form impressions about themselves and the world. In this phase the question they are asking is: Am I able? How they resolve this question establishes a critical foundation for their future. It will shape how confident they feel about their own abilities and the best way to resolve this relational question is to consistently embrace their physical needs. How you do this practically is by allowing them to try new things and this will develop their confidence.


They are motivated by safety so in this phase when you guide them with love and give them consistent boundaries in a loving relationship you influence them to trust you and respond to you with obedience.


They begin to understand roughly 70 words, they are learning to walk, they have grown to half their adult height and can follow 2 part instructions.

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