Services at 9:00 & 10:45
To introduce people to Jesus and together become fully devoted followers.

Grades 7-10 (Jr High)

Passionate Youth Reaching Out

PYRO Mall Hunt

This is the first event of the year that we invite Grade 6 students to come to check out the youth group. We will be heading over to the Mall for a Mall Hunt. That means that there is a list of people that you need to find at the Mall! The night will start…

Passionate Youth Reaching Out

JR HIGH – Sticks

Grades 6-10 come and play a game of Sticks. (Its like Capture the Flag but with more flags). Our Study for the night is on Mark 2.

Passionate Youth Reaching Out

The Amazing Race

Its our Year End Youth Event for students in Grades 6-12. The race starts and ends at Hawkwood Baptist Church. You go from station to station on the C Train, so bring a bus pass or bus fare for the night. Each station has a challenge for your team to complete. First team to complete…