Sunday’s at 9:30 & 11:00
To introduce people to Jesus and together become fully devoted followers.

For more information on any event, please call the Church office at 403 239 6200.

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ESL Conversation Classes – Thursdays

We offer conversational english practice to all who want to improve their skills. If this is your first time attending, you will begin with an interview to assess what is the best class for you to learn in. This is a free ministry offered by Hawkwood Baptist Church.

Passionate Youth Reaching Out

Pay Attention – Show Compassion

Our final youth event in March is a brainstorming night.  What have you seen this month, as you’ve been going through life with your eyes open?  What dreams and ideas are growing inside of you?  The night starts off with some fun, and then we will go through different activities that will help us to…