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POSTPONED – The Amazing Race


The air quality in Calgary is at a level where people are being advised to not do any strenuous activity outside.  A two-hour race outdoors would certainly put us into the category of strenuous activity. The result is that I will save the Amazing Race for a date in the future (likely a summer activity), when it will be safe to run.

The plan now is to have a smorgasbord of activities at the church.-Dodgeball-Boardgames-PingPong-Video Games-maybe something else =)  
Please bring snacks to share as well.

It’s our Year End Youth Event for students in Grades 6-12. The race starts and ends at Hawkwood Baptist Church. You go from station to station on the C Train, so bring a bus pass or bus fare for the night. Each station has a challenge for your team to complete. The first team to complete the challenges and return to the church are the winners of The Amazing Race!


  1. Teams must stay together WITH their Chaperones
  2. Chaperones are not team members, they are referees
  3. Obey all laws, (no jaywalking, obey traffic signals, etc)
  4. Do not interfere with other teams.
  5. All C-Train passengers must have a valid ticket/pass
  6. All teams must begin heading back to the church no later than 9:00
  7. Have the challenge leader sign your paper to indicate completion of the challenge.