Sunday’s at 9:30 & 11:00
To introduce people to Jesus and together become fully devoted followers.


Q. I have been attending HBC for a few weeks and I’m wondering what I should do to get involved?

A. One great way to meet new people is through our Potluck fellowship lunches (free). For more information and dates, please call the Church office (403-239-6200 / ). Potluck lunches are at 12:30 pm and everyone brings a dish or two of food to share with everyone (casseroles, veggies, etc). Get to know Church attendees as you eat lunch together! Also check out the upcoming events. There are constantly new activities happening that everyone is invited to and they are also a great way to get to know people. Please visit our Information Centre, located in the Church Foyer, after Church services, where you can fill out a Welcome Card. If you are interested in getting involved by volunteering, please let us know, as there are many opportunities to serve! Please call the Church Office at 403-239-6200, for more information.

Q. I am interested in finding out what is involved with becoming a member. How do I get more information on this?

A. We hold membership classes every few months called HBC 101. The focus of this class is to inform you of our roots, what the Christian life entails, our doctrinal position, our membership covenant and to provide an open forum for you to ask questions and get to know others. Your attendance and participation in this class is just the first step – the decision to become a member is for you to make, with no pressure from us. If you are interested in attending a membership class, please call the Church Office (403-239-6200) or email to register.