Kids' Church

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"Kids' Church is a fun, safe place for kids to discover the adventure of following Jesus."

It happens during both our Sunday Services (9am and 10:45am).

All children from 3 to Grade 6 can attend and be signed in by their parents. Children can start coming downstairs 15 minutes before the service starts to be signed in. Please note that graduation to the next class happens in September of each year.

We use creative, relevant and age appropriate Bible teaching, a time of singing and dedicated small group and craft/activity time to ensure kids get the most out of their time with us on a Sunday. We are currently working through the Gospel Project for Kids. We aim to engage the children at a level of their own understanding as we delve into God's Word!

Click HERE to watch a short video called THE BIG STORY from the Gospel Project for Kids.

If you are interested in coming downstairs to see what happens in Children's Ministry, or if you are interested in serving in the Children's Ministry, please contact our Children's Ministry Director ( - we have many different opportunities to help you get involved.

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Keeping Kids Safe

Your child's safety is one of our highest values, therefore we encourage you to work with us through our sign-in system to ensure your children go from the safety of our care back into the safety of your care.

We are hoping to upgrade our check-in system soon, so watch this space!

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