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Vision Statement for our Missions Ministry

~~ It is our vision at Hawkwood Baptist Church to be faithful to Christ’s mandate to us to make disciples in every part of the world until He returns (Matthew 28:18-20)

This will require each of us to be responsible for the entire missionary endeavour. We view this endeavour as involving four key areas:

1.  Investment (Giving)

Missions is not just about money, but it does involve money and sometimes a great deal of money. We view this as an investment in a life or death enterprise, not just a budgeted expense.  The dividends from giving and investing in the missionary enterprise are great and eternal. We, therefore, do not simply “token give”, we will give sacrificially so that the gospel and people can be sent out into the world.

2. Information (Communicating)

Regularly informing our church body through classes, speakers, literature, films, etc. will be the way we will communicate missions needs.

3.  Intercession (Praying)

We seek to have a deep stream of regular intercessory prayer that is spontaneous yet planned, well informed without prodding or prying.

4.  Involvement (Sending and Going)

We will give ourselves to a hands-on approach to missions. That is, we will give our people the opportunity to be involved in short-term missions (2 to 3 weeks) as well as sending people from our midst into full-time missions ministry.

HBC Missionary Biographies and Experiences 

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HBC supports the following Missionaries and Organizations spiritually and financially. 

Short-Term Mission Team Resources