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Short Term Mission Application – General

Short-Term Mission – Application

Hawkwood Baptist Church

Short-Term Mission Application

Dear STM Applicant,

We rejoice that you are planning on participating in a short-term mission this year! We feel that both the individuals involved in the STM and the church share in the responsibility of maintaining a strong relationship and mutual accountability. For this reason, we ask all of our STM participants to complete the following application and evaluation form. We want you to know how much we value not only your experience, but also your insights into how we can continue to improve the STM experiences of our members.

Because of the amount of time it takes to receive and process applications, we need adequate time to consider applicants and the disbursements of funds. Therefore, Summer STM applications must be received by March 31.  If the STM trip occurs outside the summer months, we ask that an application be submitted at least three months prior to departure.

Enclosed in this packet you will find:

q –STM Application

q –Financial Grants Application

q –Parent Permission Form

q –Evaluation Form

Upon completion of the application materials, you will be required to meet or speak with at least one member of the HBC Missions Committee for an interview. This process will not only give us the chance to get to know you on a more personal level, but will also allow us to assess your spiritual and financial needs. We want to be committed to you as a brother/sister in Christ as best as we possibly can. Thank you for your cooperation and timeliness with this application. May the Lord bless you on this trip in abundance!

Sincerely in Christ,

The HBC Missions Committee

Hawkwood Baptist Church

Short-Term Mission Application

Missions Agency: ____________________________________________________

Destination: ________________________________________________________

Dates of Short-Term Mission: __________________________________________

Name: ___________________________________________________     Age____

Address: __________________________________________________________


Telephone Number: (          ) __________________________________________

E-Mail address: ____________________________________________________

Do you have a valid Passport?  _____ When does it expire? ________________

(Students)*: Name of Parents* _________________________________________

*Parent(s)’ Address (if different from above) _________________________________________________________________


*Parent(s)‘ Telephone Number: (         )__________________________________

(* only required if student is under 18)

Are you a member of Hawkwood Baptist Church? ______ If no, are you a

member of another church?  If so, which one? ____________________________

Have you had or will you be going through any specific missions training and if so, please give details.

What is the total cost of your STM? _________ How do you plan to finance your trip?

Will you be applying for financial support (If yes, please be sure to fill out a Financial Support Application)?

Please respond to the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

  1. Do you have any STM experience or cross-cultural experience? If yes,

please give details.

2. How has God called you to this particular STM?

3. What do you personally hope to achieve on this STM?

4. What do you feel will be your greatest strengths on this STM?

5. What do you feel will be your greatest challenges?

6. How do you think your missions experience will help strengthen

the body of believers at Hawkwood?

7. Describe your past ministry involvement at Hawkwood?

8. What are your plans for ministry involvement at Hawkwood after

your STM?