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Short Term Mission – Parent Permission Form

Parent Permission Form

Short-Term Mission – Parent Permission

**(Note: this form is needed only for those applicants under the age of 18)

Date: ________________

Hawkwood Baptist Church

20 Hawkwood Drive NW

Calgary, AB T3G 2W2

Re: Permission for Summer Missions Trip

I, __________________________, the parent/guardian of

___________________________________________________ do hereby give permission for

him/her to travel to _______________________________________________  on the

__________________________summer missions trip.  My son’s/daughter’s passport number


I understand that the leader of this mission trip is ____________________________.  I also

understand that, in the case of an emergency, _______________________will be authorized

to sign for my son’s/daughter’s treatment, and will notify me as soon as possible of any


Date signed:


Signature of Parent/Guardian: