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To introduce people to Jesus and together become fully devoted followers.

Short Term Mission – Team Leader Information

Short-Term Mission – Team Leader Info

Hawkwood Baptist Church

Please return the form at the end of this package when completed to the Pastor or the Missions Committee Chairperson,
Hawkwood Baptist Church

Team Leader
A person interested as team leader should pick up an Information Package from the church office. After completion, it should be given to the pastor or Missions Committee chairperson.
The Missions Committee will assign a committee member to liaise with the prospective team leader when plans are approved. This is prior to the promotion stage, i.e.:
Congregational announcement
Church bulletin or newsletter, brochures, etc.
Team Leader/Member Application Package
Packages are available at the church office and must be returned to the pastor or Missions Committee chairperson when completed.
Selection of Team Members
Team members will be selected by the Missions Committee, Missions Committee liaison and team leader.
Four Accountable Stages
The team leader, with the support of the Missions Committee liaison, is responsible for the following:
Training stage
Sending stage
Re-entry stage
Follow-up stage
Congregational report
At an appropriate time after the trip, the team should report back to the congregation.
A month after the trip, a reunion should be planned by the team leadership.
Missions Trip Evaluation Form
To be filled out by each member within a month after the end of the trip.
1. Introduction

God has a deep passion for the unreached and the lost. In the guiding missional prayer of Hawkwood Baptist Church, we pray…

O God, with all our hearts we long to be
transformed by Christ,
transforming Canada and the world.

Our mission statement at Hawkwood Baptist Church states that our mission is to introduce people to Jesus and together become His fully devoted followers.

Our Short Term Missions teams are an outworking of the NAB mission statement within Hawkwood Baptist Church. These trips are one way we follow the Great Commission Jesus gave to us when he said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you, and remember, I am with you always even to the end of the age.”
(Matthew 28:19-20)
You have chosen to take a big step of faith and serve on a Hawkwood Baptist Church short term mission team. If this is your first opportunity to serve on a short term mission team or you have served previously, we can assure you that if you are prepared to go with a servant’s heart and are willing to be stretched out of your comfort zone then you will be blessed, you will be a blessing, you will experience a life changing adventure, and most importantly, God will be glorified.

Pre and post trip preparations are imperative for an effective short term mission trip where you will participate in training, team building and debriefing. The following manual has been designed to guide you through your serving experience including the pre and post trip process.

God bless you as you,
“let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify
your Father in heaven.”
(Matthew 5:16)
Signed by: __________________________

2. Qualities of a Team Leader
Spiritually Mature – knows basic Christian doctrines and values and demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit, is humble and servant-hearted.
Personally Mature – has good relationships with family and church members, admits faults, shows good judgment and purity, adjusts well in social situations and can handle the unexpected.
Knowledgeable and Sensitive to other Cultures – is comfortable in other cultural settings, is sensitive to cultural differences and adapts well.
“Shepherding” Experience – an individual who shepherds or has had shepherding experience in ministry context.
3. Team Leader’s Job Description
Spiritually – prepared Leadership – Your relationship with God is not only important for you, it is important to everyone on your ministry team. Your team needs your spiritual discernment, encouragement and leadership. Only God can accomplish this. Stay close to Him. Challenge your team as God is challenging you EVERYDAY!
Humble – Philippians 2:11 is your guide. You SERVE your team and minister to them.
Culturally prepared – You need to have knowledge of the customs and culture of those you’ll be serving. You’ll lead by example more than by lecturing.
Knows the Details – Flight information, immunizations, passports and visas are only the beginning. Your team needs to be properly trained by you or an experienced Christian traveler that you have asked to do the training.
Flexibility – Expect the unexpected. Think ahead and have alternate plans in mind when needed.
Sensitive to Needs – Team members, nationals, missionaries, pastors and assistant leaders will all have needs. Keep your eye on moods and listen to insights of another leader of the opposite gender.
Recognize Gifts – As a Team Leader, you can direct people to team assistant positions and jobs that reflect their gifts and abilities throughout the life of the team.
Communicate – With your team members and especially with your assistant leaders to discuss situations and pray. Work together.
Submit to Your Hosts – Your team is there to partner with them. They are the experts. Respect them and make decisions with their guidance.
Train your Team Responsibly – Provide pre-field training sessions, team meetings and debriefing. Be prepared for each time you meet and don’t skip any part of the process.
Be a Strong Leader During Travel – Your team will respond to you as you take charge during travel times.
Pray Continually – 1 Thessalonians 5:17 – pray specifically and keep track of answered prayers. Your team will see God’s hand at work like never before!
Recognize God’s Movement in Team Member’s Lives – Challenge them throughout the mission to consider what God is showing them.
4. The Team Member Benefits
Some of the benefits for Team Members are:
Considering God’s call to missional living/ministry/missions.
Spiritual life building experience.
Seeing national pastors/nationals/missionaries as partners in God’s kingdom work.
Trusting God in new areas through the raising of support.
Leading the way for cross-cultural causes back home.
Becoming an effective sender of others.
An appreciation and understanding of other cultures.
An appreciation and understanding of one’s own culture.
5. The Senders
Hawkwood Baptist Church benefits in a variety of ways from mission trips. Those who support a team with their prayers and finances find their ministry extends far beyond the walls of the church/organization.

Some of the benefits for individual supports include:
Impacting another culture through the team.
Growing spiritually through praying and giving.
Considering the possibility of participating on future teams.
Experiencing being part of God’s global work.

Some of the benefits for the sending church or organization are:
Enlarging ministry vision through cross-cultural opportunities.
Personal ownership in going to “the ends of the earth” discipleship.
Creating on-going community and partnership with believers in another location.
Multiplying their own disciple-making efforts.
Investigation Stage 12-10 Months Out
Ask the Questions…Where are there invitations to go to?
What can my team do? Where should we go? Who will go?
How long will we go? When will we go? Costs?
Begin to consider fund-raising.
Promotion Stage 9-7 Months Out
Communicate…The ministry, the location, the cost, the dates, the group going, the training schedule & team selection process.

Selection Stage 6-5 Months Out
Applications/References/Interviews/Red flags
Assistant Leader selections, Team Member Selections
Team Coordinator Selections, Acquiring Passports/Visas
Proper Immunizations, Collect Deposits, Fundraising.

Training Stage 4 Months Out
Training Sessions/Team Meetings, Secure Airline Tickets
Assistant Leader Training
(*This stage can be done in a 3-day retreat before departure if the team is from different regions)

Sending Stage 2 Months Out – 1 month Out
Develop Prayer Team, Commissioning Service
Welcome Home Celebration

Experiencing Stage During the Mission
Daily Team Meetings, Daily Debriefing, Project Completion

Reentry & Follow-Up Stage Return Date ——-?
Debriefing, Reporting to Senders, Reunion, Follow-up with individual team members
Short Term Missions Financial Grants Policy

Every year, Hawkwood Baptist Church designates a portion of the Missions Budget towards the funding of short-term missionaries. The disbursement of these funds is the responsibility of the Hawkwood Baptist Church Missions Committee. To obtain a Short-Term Missions Grant (STM Grant) an individual must make application to the Missions Committee. The Missions Committee will consider all applications on an individual basis, but will make their decision according to the following criteria and priorities:

1. Individuals receiving an STM Grant must be active members or
adherents in good standing of Hawkwood Baptist Church.

2. Priority for an STM Grant will be given to those members and adherents of
Hawkwood Baptist Church who are actively involved in the ministry of
HBC and have a commitment to a continued involvement in the life and
ministry of HBC.

3. Disbursement will be made according to available funds.

The grant will be paid directly to the mission organization if applicants are going with an outside mission.
This stage is crucial and probably will demand the most from you as a leader. It’s not easy to be selective about who participates on a HBC team. The integrity of the entire team and maybe even the host’s ministry can be jeopardized by the wrong team members. The selection stage is important and should not be over simplified by “whoever wants to go can go” approach
Selection of Assistant Leaders:
Assistant leaders play a major role in the life of a HBC team. The primary Team leader can only see and hear so much of what goes on. It is crucial that the leader be surrounded with a leadership team that can be trusted. Assistant leaders are essential to a smooth running HBC team.
Who should be an Assistant Leader?
Any HBC team should have a minimum of two assistant leaders – one man and one woman. Many times the primary leader’s spouse will fill the role of an assistant leader. It is necessary that one of the leaders be in charge of the women and one the men. The primary team leader will fill one of those roles. Assistant leaders should fill the role of finance coordinator and team medic rather than giving these responsibilities to other team members or the primary team leader. It is required that there be one primary team leader or assistant leader for every seven team members.
Assistant Leader Approval:
Potential assistant team leaders will go through the same application, reference and interview process as the team members but will also have some additional requirements (see Assistant Leader Application). Be careful not to put someone in a leadership role too quickly merely to fill a vacant position (Timothy 5:22a). The integrity of your leadership team could make or break your entire mission project.

This is a main tool for acquiring the necessary information needed to select the team. The application is required for all HBC team members. Please do not change the format of the HBC Team Application or its content. Be sure to set a deadline when applications are due! The application will include a separate subsection for those with prior short-term ministry experience.
References should include a pastor as well as another spiritual mentor. It is your responsibility to follow up on references with whom you are unfamiliar, asking questions regarding the applicant’s strengths, weaknesses and capabilities for the mission ahead. Definitely speak with the parents of those under the age of 18.
An interview process can be viewed as an opportunity for individuals to verbalize their application. DO NOT skip this step! If possible use your Senior Pastor or Missions Committee chairperson in the interview process. Be sure to brief your interviewers on the logistics of the mission and allow them to familiarize themselves with the applications before the interviewing begins. Question the applicant about any reservations (see red flags in the next section) you might have either from their application, reference or otherwise. Be firm and affirming.
RED FLAGS ⚐ ⚐ ⚐ ⚐
Medical Issues – Check on any medical conditions that are listed in the applicants Medical Information or Physical Examination. Know the conditions of your ministry location so you can properly evaluate their situation.

Emotional Difficulties – These are not as easy to detect on the application. Listen closely to the reference evaluations and during the interview process.

Improper Motives – Statements such as, “I’m going to get away from home for awhile” etc. are not proper motivation.

Spiritual Immaturity – If their spiritual maturity level would preclude them from doing this project at home, don’t send them some place else to do it.

Not Good Timing – Consider if family or financial situations would be put in jeopardy by this mission.

Use the same panel that you assembled to do the interviews to review the applications and references and to help with the actual selection of the team. Pray for wisdom and discernment regarding each applicant. If too few people apply for the project, consider that may be an indication of God closing the door at this time. Pray that He will raise up more laborers for the harvest. It’s not your job to find the laborers, it’s your job to pray (Matthew 9:38). The HBC Team directors are willing to dialogue with you and your panel to help you through this process.
When notifying applicants of approval for team participation, remind them of the training schedule and their accepted commitment. Sometimes people’s circumstances change during the process and they won’t be able to fulfill the requirements of the project.
Informing those who have not been chosen is not easy. You must remember the integrity of your project and the ministry you are going to assist. It is crucial that you take a stand if you need to. When notifying an applicant that they have not been approved, be positive and share why they weren’t chosen. Also suggest and encourage them to apply again in the future.

After a Team Member has been Selected:
Have the team member fill out ALL copies of the documents in the TEAM MEMBER APPLICATION PACKAGE. In addition, all team members must pass a police check. Forms for this step are available in the Church Office.
Exception to the above:
1. Parental Consent if under 18 (if under 18, both parents should sign).
2. Financial Grants – if they don’t qualify or they expect to have their finances.
** Non-negotiable and very important! ** Please send a copy of your Team members’ (including the primary leader and assistant leader) documents to HBC Directors for future reference.
A Word of Advice Following Team Selection:
Even after all the work of applying, referencing and interviewing, could you possibly end up with someone on your HBC Team who shouldn’t be? It can happen. If, during your training sessions, it becomes clear that you have a team member that is obviously not ready for this experience, dismiss them. It would be better to lose the cost associated with the person not going than to take them and jeopardize the integrity of your team and the ministry of your host. Having to make the decision to send them home will be much harder than not taking them along in the first place.

Pick up passport applications from you local post office. Passports will be needed in every country, no exceptions, When crossing international boundaries, especially when a team it is always required to have passports. They can take months to acquire, so be sure to start the process early. Be aware that passports should be valid for at least 6 months after your return date. Other countries will not allow you to travel within their borders if your passport does not meet this requirement.

The requirements regarding visas vary from country to country. Find out the situation in the country of your destination by logging on to or calling the following:
In the U.S.,
In Canada,

For US citizens, Travel Document Systems, Inc. will allow you to print out visa applications on their website.
925 15th Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20005
(800) 874-5100 (202) 638-3800
Fax (202) 638- 4674

For Canadian citizens, Visa Connection is a useful place for help.
Visa Connection-

Other useful websites:
*Getting Through Customs –

If the country of your destination requires a visa before departure, you will need to send your teams’ passports to their consulate or embassy to acquire visas. This would require that you have your passports ready. This is typically done 2-3 months before departure and will require additional documentation as well.
Basic Trip Information:
(This page is team specific and details will be filled in for each team)

1. Who ____________________________________________________________


2. What ____________________________________________________________


3. When ___________________________________________________________


4. Where ___________________________________________________________


5. Why ____________________________________________________________


6. Cost ____________________________________________________________


Other Information:

(Please complete and attach a sheet of paper if more space is needed)