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Short-Term Missions Financial Grants Policy

Hawkwood Baptist Church
Short-Term Missions Financial Grants Policy

Short-Term Mission – Financial Grants Policy

Every year, Hawkwood Baptist Church designates a portion of the Missions Budget towards the funding of short-term missionaries. The disbursement of these funds is the responsibility of the Hawkwood Baptist Church Missions Committee. To obtain a Short-Term Missions Grant (STM Grant) an individual must make application to the Missions Committee. The Missions Committee will consider all applications on an individual basis, but will make their decision according to the following criteria and priorities:

Individuals receiving an STM Grant must be active members or adherents in good standing of Hawkwood Baptist Church.

Priority for an STM Grant will be given to those members and adherents of Hawkwood Baptist Church who are actively involved in the ministry of HBC and have a commitment to a continued involvement in the life and ministry of HBC.

Disbursement will be made according to available funds.
The grant will be paid directly to the missions organization and will be available one-time only per missions trip or project.
Hawkwood Baptist Church Short-Term
Missions (STM) Financial Grants Application

The HBC Missions Committee is pleased to be able to offer support to participants both prayerfully and financially. Because the funds for STM projects are limited, we will do our best to honor the needs of all participants, but cannot guarantee financial support to all applicants. Our greatest desire is that we do everything possible to help all of those called into cross-cultural service for Christ.

All applicants are responsible for raising 100% of their support. Being accepted by the HBC Missions Committee for financial support does not indicate that fund-raising activities should cease. We encourage all participants to explore all avenues of support and even, if possible, to raise above the required amount in an effort to support others and the project. This suggestion is not meant to keep you from asking for support, as the church desires to be an integral part of your STM, but rather, we only want all participants to experience the process and often challenging work of deputation.
The HBC Missions Committee will determine what financial support will be supplied to the applicant up to a maximum of 25% as funds are available.

Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________


Postal Code________________ Telephone Number ( )_____________________

Name of Missions Agency you are applying to_______________________________

Location of Short-Term Mission__________________________________________

Dates of Short-Term Mission ____________________________________________

Purpose of the Short-Term Mission _______________________________________

Financial Details:

Cost of the project (in Canadian funds)___________________________________

How do you propose to raise the money you need? ________________________

Amount you will contribute: _________________________________________

Amount you expect in gifts from others: ________________________________

Amount raised to date: _____________________________________________

How much are you requesting for HBC support: _________________________

Financial Support Requirements:

Applicants for financial support are required to fulfill the following:

Must be a professing Christian and a member of HBC, a regular attender (nonmember) and actively involved at HBC, or currently attending HBC and considers HBC to be their home church.

Must meet individually with a member(s) of the HBC Missions Committee for an interview.

Must submit a copy of the Evaluation Form to the HBC Missions Committee within one month of your return.

For those going with missions agencies other than HBC, please fill out the following information so that, if your financial aid is approved, it may be distributed as efficiently as possible.

To whom the cheque should be made payable to: ____________________________________________________________

Address where cheque to be sent:


I have reviewed this application and I agree to fulfill the requirements stated above. All of my answers are truthful to the best of my knowledge.
Signed: __________________________________________________ Date:__________________________
Please enclose a brochure and/or any other information about the Missions Agency that is sponsoring this short-term mission project that would help the Missions Committee make a decision in regard to your application for an STM Grant.
Upon completion of this application, please submit it to the HBC Church office.
You may also be requested to attend a Missions Committee meeting or meet with some of its members in order to personally share with the Committee and answer any questions we may have. We will notify you as soon as possible of our decision in regard to this application. You can be assured that this application will be held in the strictest of confidence by the Missions Committee.

Should you have any questions or concerns about this application, please feel free to contact any member of the Missinos Committee. Their telephone numbers can be obtained through the church office.

If you receive an STM Grant, you will be asked to submit one written report to the Missions Committee, as well as possibly give verbal reports to the congregation when you return from your short-term mission experience.

We are excited and encouraged by your interest in missions. We know that the Lord will continue to guide you as you make preparations to serve Him through a short-term mission project.

May God richly bless you in your ministry.