Services at 9:00 & 10:45
To introduce people to Jesus and together become fully devoted followers.


Worship Overview

The HBC Worship ministry covers music, scripture reading, sound technicians and visual media operators. Our intent is to glorify God through musical and other worship related gifting, to introduce people to Jesus, become more and more fully devoted to Him and very importantly – to do all this through active commitment to prayer.

HBC is blessed with many people gifted in the areas of music, scripture reading and tech & sound system operation. In February 2006 we moved to two worship services: Traditional & Contemporary. The intent of two services is to reach our neighbours & friends for Christ, allowing people to worship with integrity “…so that by all possible means we might save some”.  However in the summer of 2018 we went to one service and have enjoyed the community of believers worshiping together so much that we decided to continue to have one service at 10:00am until the end of the year.

To find out more about the HBC worship ministries please contact Pastor Grant or the Church office at 403-239-6200 (