Partnering with Parents

We believe a parent is the primary spiritual influence in a child's life - what you model for them and teach them at home will have a far greater impact on their faith journey than the time we get to spend with them on a Sunday.

The pressure of parenting is real and we often add to that pressure by expecting every at-home conversation to be profoundly spiritual. Faith development at home does not always require in-depth Bible studies; Deuteronomy 6 and 11 show us that the in-between moments of travel, sharing meals, and bedtime and morning routines can all provide time for conversations about God.

For your child to thrive, you need to thrive and so we want to help put tools in your hands so that you can thrive as a parent and not just survive.

Your family MATTERS to God, and so, your family MATTERS to us!

We want our families to know that no matter where you have come from, we are traveling this road together ... we want to build faith-filled families.

There is no "quick fix" or "easy" button here, there are also no experts either... we are just a church that wants to partner with parents as they make faith a priority in their home.

We desire to encourage you and provide you with practical tools and helpful resources - these are here to support you, not put expectations on you!

Parent Cue
I love this resource! It has great articles and resources, creative ideas on getting families to reconnect with each other, and some much more!
Parent Cue

Minno Kids
...where KIDS discover God in stories they love ...where PARENTS find expert help and everyday encouragement ...where FAMILIES experience the goodness of God together
Minno Kids

It's Just a Phase - So Don't Miss It: Why Every Life Stage of a Kid Matters and at Least 13 Things Your Church Should Do About It

by Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy

This book

provides some insights on the phases in your child's life. As parents, we have 936 weeks between our child's birth and graduation and we don't want to miss what is happening during the critical phases of our children growing up.

Here are some helpful facts about some of the different phases which may be applicable to your family:

Focus on the Familiy
One of the leading parenting resources.
Focus on the Family
DiscipleLand's family of Bible resources forms a comprehensive Children's Discipleship System™— an intentional, relational, and transformational process designed to help make disciples for life.
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