Phase 2 - Age 3 & 4

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A phase is a time frame in a kid's life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future!

Age 3 & 4 is the phase when...

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Anything can be imagined; everything can be a game; and one curious pre-schooler wants to know - "WHY?"


There is no distinction between imagination and reality, everything can be a game so when you're having fun they will have fun with you and their new found curiosity may become a little exhausting, but remember they are not looking for deep philosophical answers, they just want to know how things are happening and looking for the wonderful knowledge they know you must have as an adult.

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They form impressions about themselves and the world and in this phase the question they are asking is: "Am I ok?" How they resolve this question establishes a critical foundation for their future. It will shape how they internalize motives for behaviours and self control. At this age they learn a few rules and exceptions, and the best way to resolve this relational question is to consistently embrace their physical needs. How you do this practically is by setting boundaries and discipline with love so they will cultivate self control.


They are motivated by safety so in this phase when you guide them with love and give them consistent boundaries in a loving relationship you influence them to trust you and respond to you with obedience.


They have a thousand trillion connections between brain cells, they can stand on one foot, jump, walk backwards and pedal a tricycle.

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