Phase 3 - Age 5 & 6 - 7

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A phase is a time frame in a kid's life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future!

Age 5 & 6 - 7 is the phase when...

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Unfiltered words make you laugh, homework makes you cry, and life becomes a stage where your kid shouts - "LOOK AT ME!"


Your child can talk in sentences, and long run on sentences, paragraphs and wondering monologues. This phase is full of personality and memorable statements but there is one major cultural shift - SCHOOL! Because of the routine, predictability and high demand for focused attention at this phase, your child will crave some opportunities for unstructured play and to use their imagination.

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They develop skills and competencies that equip their future and in this phase the question they are asking is: "Do I have your attention?" How they resolve this question provides them with critical knowledge and resources. It shapes their perception of personal ability, comparative value and resilience. In this phase they crave adult attention and approval and so the best way to resolve this relational question is to engage their interest. How you do this practically is by demonstrating interest in their progress and this will improve their abilities.


They are motivated by fun. This is a season of discovering how the world works and how to have fun in it. Kids in this phase want to laugh and play and learn and connect, that's why you have to engage their interests.


They can draw a person, with a body, write their name and brush their own teeth. They also understand ironic humour and are learning to read and tie their shoes.

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