Phase 5 - Age 10 & 11

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A phase is a time frame in a kid's life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future!

Age 10 & 11 is the phase when...

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Friends are best friends, games are for competition and your confident kids will insist - "I'VE GOT THIS!"


Friends matter a lot more - call it a club, a clique or a team but peer approval (and disapproval) is significantly motivating in this phase. In this phase they have a 'no fear' attitude and they are ready to prove themselves, ready for the world to take notice and they can't wait to show you how smart, fast and strong they really are. In this phase they usually demonstrate clarity of mind, they know the ropes and feel knowledgeable about what makes the world tick. So lean into that confidence and build it, see their potential and believe in it.

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They develop skills and competencies that equip their future. The question they are asking in this phase is: "Do I have friends?" How they resolve this question provides them with critical knowledge and resources. It shapes their perception of personal ability, comparative value and resilience. In this phase kids begin to prioritize friends in a new way. So the best way to resolve this relational question is to engage their interest in friends. How you do this practically is by making introductions and including peers and this will develop their friendships.


They are motivated by fun. This is a season of discovering how the world works and how to have fun in it. Kids in this phase want to laugh and play and learn and connect, that's why you have to engage their interests. Guide them in love and introduce transferable principles that will help them win in life and friendship.


They master hand-eye co-ordination and read to learn instead of learning to read. Their attention span increases up to 45 minutes.

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