Safety and Security

Safety and Security Ministry

“Be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock.” (Acts 20:28(a))

At HBC we place the safety and security of our staff, volunteers, members and visitors among our highest priorities. Volunteers with experience in the development and implementation of health, safety and security management systems and programs are welcome to join the safety and security ministry committee.

Contact : Keith Landra, Director

Safety and Security Policy

Hawkwood Baptist Church (HBC) leadership is committed to establish and maintain a safe and secure workplace, including safe equipment and effective management systems, for all of our employees, contractors and volunteers. HBC leadership will also endeavour to ensure the safety and security of all members of our Church family, visitors and others who are present at the church and property. Our goal is a healthy, secure, and injury-free workplace, church and property for all. We can achieve this goal by working together.

Roles and responsibilities to achieve safety and security are described in the HBC Safety & Security Manual. Nevertheless, in summary:

Church Leaders and Supervisors will:

  • Set an example and provide leadership in safety and security,
  • Develop and maintain a safety and security policy and procedures,
  • Provide proper equipment and training for workers,
  • Identify hazards and implement appropriate control measures,
  • Create an environment that promotes active participation in safety and security,
  • Comply with all HBC policies and procedures that support the implementation of the Policy objectives, and,
  • Comply with the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, Regulation, and Code.

Workers (i.e. employees, contractors and volunteers) will:

  • Follow all safety and security procedures,
  • Ensure their co-workers are appropriately protected and working safely,
  • Assist in the identification of hazards,
  • Comply with all HBC policies and procedures that support the implementation of the Policy objectives, and
  • Comply with the Alberta OHS Act, Regulation, and Code.

The policy will be kept up to date, especially in light of any changes to our property or activities.

T. Keith Landra



Staff and Members can find our internal Safety and Security page here.