Safety & Security – Internal Use

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The development and implementation of health, safety and security management systems and programs are welcome to join the safety and security ministry committee.

Contact : Keith Landra, Director

Safety and Security Policy

HBC Safety & Security Manual

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Children's Ministry(as per Director, Children's Ministry)

Backcheck Consent Form2017

Children's Ministry Volunteer Process

Emergency Preparedness & Response

Evac Plan - Upstairs

Evac Plan - Main + Fireside

Evac Plan - Lower

Evac Plan - FAQ

Fire Evacuation Briefing

Stampede Breakfast ERP rev1

First Aid

Food Safety

Food Safety Procedure rev 0

Hazard Identification and Control

Health and Safety Representative

Incident Management & Investigation

Safe Work Practices

Back Care - Body Mechanics

Training and Competency

Safety and Security Orientation

Training Matrix (password protected)