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Ecclesiastes: Enjoy Life & Fear God

Ecclesiastes is Wisdom Literature, an intriguing approach to the Christian Faith.  Is everything meaningless that is under the sun?  How should we approach wealth, pleasure and meaning in life?  The recurring theme is that we should Enjoy Life and Fear God.

Who Defines “Good”?

Ecclesiastes We have already covered Ecclesiastes 1-6.  It is a book about wisdom from the standpoint of the teacher. He has bought everything that money can buy and enjoyed every experience that his heart desired. But now, looking back on life, he is thinking about meaning, purpose and what is truly good. The overall conclusion of Ecclesiastes…

Teach Us to Worship

Teach Us to Worship Chapters 1-4  are a reflection on meaning in life.  Can you find meaning in this life apart from God? At the end of your time on earth, what will you have gained?  The Teacher in Ecclesiastes says that apart from God, everything is meaningless and a chasing after the wind. Now in Chapter 5,…