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My Redeemer Lives / How Marvellous




Lord I Need You

Luke 19:1-10

Message "To Seek and Save the Lost"

Jesus Messiah


Sermon Notes - To Seek and Save the Lost - Journey to Easter #4 March 29, 2020 - PP Version.pdf

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Sunday, March 22

I Once Was Blind

Luke 18:35–43

Sunday, March 8

Confident Trust in the Valley of Death

John 11:1–44

Sunday, March 1

Sometimes, Seeing is Believing!

2 Peter 1:16–18 John 20:29 Matthew 17:4–5

Sunday, February 23

A Worthy Walk

Philippians 2:5–8 Ephesians 1:1–4:6

Sunday, February 9

Humility & Hospitality

John 13:12–17

Sunday, February 2

As I Have Loved You

John 13:31–35 John 12:23–24 John 12:27–33

Sunday, January 26

Community at its Best

Acts 2:42–47

Sunday, January 12

New Year Recalibration: Seeking God

1 Chronicles 16:22 2 Chronicles

Sunday, January 5

New Year Recalibration: Turning to God

2 Kings 23:1–3 2 Kings 23:21–23 2 Kings 23:25

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