July 2020

The Gathering-2020-1

Why are we Going?

We are joining up with students from across Canada and the USA to make a major impact on people's lives in California. When over 600 people get to work at the same time in a community, we can make a major impact. All of the service opportunities are through local church ministries so that those who receive help can be connected to a local church. In addition, being a part of this transformative service opportunity, we will also benefit from nightly worship and teaching times. This trip will help us to make an impact on others and we pray that God will use this trip to make an impact on our own lives as well.

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Ongoing Bottle Drive

We have set up an account at the Crowfoot Bottle Depot under "Hawkwood Baptist Church".

2 Ways to Partner with Us through the Bottle Drive.

  1. Bring your bottles to the desk at the bottle depot. Before they begin counting, let them know that it is for "Hawkwood Baptist Church."
  2. Leave your bags of bottles at the depot that are labeled "Hawkwood Baptist Church".

Thank you!

Crowfoot Bottle Depot Address:

141 Crowfoot Way NW