The Gathering

The Gathering-2020-1

This trip is an investment in our youth.  It is a trip that offers them an opportunity to serve in Jesus name, to train and develop servant hearts, to grow in community, and to see a big picture view of the church in action.

The trip costs $1650 per student and so we will be doing fundraising projects from time to time.  (If you want to give to the trip outside of fundraisers, please right “Youth Missions” on your offering envelope.)


"Every three years, high school students from across the NAB come together in Orange County for an experience unlike any other. For five jam-packed days, students hear from gifted speakers, sing praises to God, dive into the Word, engage in service projects, and interact with others from across Canada and the US.

This is The Gathering, a youth conference and missions experience that provides students with a variety of thoughtful experiences to dive deeper in faith, community, and service as an opportunity to become ambassadors for Jesus in Orange County and inspire them to serve God and others when they return home. The Gathering is the only venue that assembles students from across the NAB in one place for a time of worship, service, transformation, and fun."

Mom's Pantry Fundraiser

LAST DAY TO ORDER - Wednesday Nov 27 - 12 Noon


Our first Fundraiser is through “Mom’s Pantry”.  You are choosing from a variety of pantry items that will be quite useful in the Christmas Season.  We have catalogues available at the information centre, but the most accessible catalogue can be found online at .  

At the checkout stage, please select “Fundraising Order”. 

Our Group order number is 299473. 

Our Group Passcode is 34560.

If there is a specific person that you want to support, you can put their name in the boxes that ask for first and last names. If you want to give to the overall goal, then please put HBC in both fields.