Worship Overview

The HBC Worship Ministry uses music, scripture reading, prayer, body life elements like sharing stories of God at work in and through our lives, children’s stories, and the use of creative arts such as drama, dramatic readings, and choreography to help our congregants experience and encounter the living God. We desire to glorify God, to introduce people to Jesus, and to encourage people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus through these various expressions of worship.

HBC desires to be an intergenerational, culturally diverse church family. Because of this, our worship atmosphere reflects a blending of worship elements and styles from traditional to contemporary from different time periods and parts of the world. The goal of our services is to render worship with which God is pleased rather than cater to a consumer mentality that focuses on what pleases us. We currently have one Sunday service at 10:00am. This service is livestreamed at https://hawkwood.ca/live-stream-worship-services weekly for individuals who are unable to be physically present.

Our Worship Ministry could not function without numerous individuals willingly serving as lead singers, back-up vocalists, keyboardists, guitarists, drummers, as well as sound, visual media, live stream technicians, and communion prep team members. We are always looking for new recruits in each of these service roles. If you are interested in exploring service in our Worship Ministry, please contact Assistant Worship Ministry Lead, Eduardo Montenegro. Eduardo can be reached at through the church office at 403-239-6200 or emailhbc@hawkwood.ca.